Missional Community Works!

Lane Sanford Missional Stories

We have had a lot of discussion lately about the concept of missional community and this has brought much excitement and also struggle. In many ways, our struggle with the idea of community is one of doubt. More than anything else, we looks at our past experiences in “small groups” and we question whether authentic missional community is anything different …

God on the Move!

Bill Covert Leaders' Blog

[su_quote cite=”Galatians 6:9″]And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.[/su_quote] Ministry can be an exciting adventure at times and very dry other times.  Workers for Jesus are called to continue doing the good they ought to do regardless of the immediate results.  As quoted above, God …

Applying the New Covenant to Gentiles

Bill Covert Application

In the purest sense, the New Covenant mentioned in Jeremiah 31:31-34 is solely with Israel, but with a provision to include the rest of mankind (Gentiles). This is Paul’s argument in Romans 10-11. Paul in Romans 15:8-13 quotes several OT scriptures to validate God’s plan to include the Gentiles in the salvation plan instituted by the New Covenant. This also …

What is Worship?

Bill Covert Application, Doctrine

For many, the first words that come to mind when hearing “worship” are music and singing.  These elements of worship are seen in both Old Testament and New Testament worship.  Yet, the Old Testament concept of worship is quite different from the New Testament concept. In the OT, worship was about a place (the Temple) and particular things done at that …

Why Community Is Important

Bill Covert Application, Doctrine

Imagine a person walking around on all four limbs and licking scraps off of the floor that fall from the table.  We would have to conclude that something is definitely wrong.  By definition, a human is a two-legged creature who walks upright, using their hands to feed themselves. Much the same is true of believers who say things like, “I …

Does God harden hearts?

Bill Covert Doctrine

I received a question in the past related to the idea of God hardening the hearts of some people toward Himself.  Below is the question and response: I wanted to ask you about the statements in Exodus when the Word says that God hardened Pharaoh’s heart. I have always heard these explained to justify the doctrine of election for salvation. …

The History of HCC

Bill Covert Leaders' Blog

Hope Community Church (HCC) started in September 2004 as a nondenominational church with the desire of reaching lost people for Jesus Christ and discipling those that profess faith in Him. The structure of HCC closely resembles the new testament church outlined in Acts and 1 Timothy, with the church being spiritually led by elders and functionally overseen by deacons.