What are Missional Communities?

As we seek to align our lives with the mission of Jesus in the world, we are challenged with the very practical question, “What does this look like?” For Hope Community Church, we have chosen to pursue a life on mission for God through our missional communities.

Missional communities are a small group of people who share the passion to make disciples in the context of a humble community that is collectively pursuing Jesus. The values and principles discovered in the Great Commission of Jesus will guide each missional community in making disciples in unique ways depending on the make-up of the group and the field into which the group is “going.”

Our desire is that the missional communities not be motivated by any specific forms, but that they would be motivated by the heart of God’s mission to restore broken image bearers. Our missional communities live in a constant state of evaluation, always looking to be more effective at redeeming and restoring more broken image bearers. We desire to grow from within as we become more faithful disciples of Jesus, and grow in reaching out to make more disciples of Him. Multiplying is our aim.

In keeping with the model of Jesus and His disciples, the life of our missional communities are geared toward being very organic. We want to be disciples who are making disciples in the context of real, every-day life. We want to see this life modeled in the context of families, singles [removed “college students”], and the mature older generation. This is God’s mission for ALL His children and we embrace that mission for all the unique people who call this church their home.