What is coMISSION?

cm_small“coMISSION” is a profoundly simple way to articulate and realign our lives to doing God’s will in God’s way. Rather than seeing the church as an organization of programs and directives, we understand the biblical church to be an interconnected group of people whose faith is in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

As we uncover the story of the Bible we find that God’s original intent was to fill the earth with His glory through people, His image bearers. We were made to be like God and reflect His character and life throughout the world as we collectively related to Him and others in a deeply personal way. But sin caused an eternal rift that only He could redeem and ultimately restore.

We believe that Jesus entered the human race to do just that – redeem and restore His broken image bearers. Whoever believes in Him and His work on the cross is invited to join Him on that very mission. Thus the “coMISSION”.

As a church we recognize and seek to be defined by the coMISSION. Thus, we are striving to embrace His mission of making disciples through being a humble community pursuing Jesus in a posture of going, with a heart for immersing ourselves and others in Jesus, and with minds that are transformed by His Truth alone.

To consider the concept of coMISSION at a deeper level, watch/listen to our coMission Series along with the coMISSION Podcast.